Pipe Maintenance & Repair

From emergency weld work or composite repair to hot-tapping through to full replacement or complex retro-fitting work, Bilfinger Middle East delivers the full spectrum of pipe maintenance and repair services to the process industries of the Gulf region.

Our Composite Pipe Repair Solutions

By combining advance technologies with site know-how and extensive experience, industry leaders Bilfinger Deutsche Babcock Emirates and Henkel have teamed up to introduce LOCTITE® Composite Repair System for Pipework in the United Arab Emirates. The innovative repair system is a fast, economic alternative to pipe replacement, and offers highly-effective solutions to structural reinforcement, leak repair and corrosion prevention.

Application Areas

  • Repair system for steel pipes, pipelines and tanks
  • For inside and outside corrosion
  • Repair of complex geometries: bends tees, reducers, flanges
  • Reinforces and seals steel pipes designed for high pressure, temperature and chemical resistance
  • Oil & gas industry, refineries and petrochemical plants, power plants, water utilities


  • Rapid repair response to plant requirements
  • No need for expensive and complex pipe replacements
  • In situ repair, avoiding costly shutdowns
  • Extend lifetime of plant assets by up to 20 years
  • Ensure highest standards for safe containment of products
  • Cost efficient repair method in comparison to welding
  • Cold repair, no heat required
  • Repair of complex geometries: bends tees, reducers, flanges
  • Avoid unnecessary disposal of cut or cropped pieces of corroded pipes
  • Tailor-made repair solutions including specific calculations of repair designs
  • 24/7 product solution and support