Desalination Technologies

From building greener desalination plants, to efficiency upgrades or plant lifetime extension, Bilfinger’s patented innovations and proven expertise in major desalination technologies make it the ideal partner for the region‘s water solutions.

We provide a wide range of services for the whole service life cycle of a desalination plant. These include constructing new build, maintenance, lifetime extension and upgrades, and rehabilitation/ refurbishment. The company is ahead of competition in efficiency enhancements through our patented desalination technologies - Improved Brine Recycle Circuit (IBRC), Steam Recirculation System (STRS), and Flue Gas Make-Up Water Treatment (FGMT).

Core Competencies


  • Construction of desalination plants (new build)
  • Construction of plant components (piping, structural, electrical and instrumentation)
  • Installation or assembly of industrial equipment, vessels and tanks

Performance Increase (Uprating)

  • Data analysis and de-bottlenecking
  • Optimization by computer simulation
  • Heat and mass balance calculations

Lifetime extension & Upgrading

  • Re-selection and replacement of materials appropriate with the application (CS/cement lined to SS/GRP, CS internals to SS)Inspections and assessments
  • Reinforcement of structural integrity of the plant
  • Refurbishment of pipelines
  • Re-tubing of heat exchanger
  • Replacement of vacuum system, demisters, pumps and drives other ancillaries