Boilers, HRSG & Furnaces

From energy efficiency consultancy to tube repairs, through to full replacement units and upgrades, Bilfinger Middle East covers the full plant life cycle. Our customers rely on us to deliver high quality services and products in a safe and timely manner.

We are highly skilled in working with:

  • Complex materials and alloys that are considered difficult to weld
  • Tight time scales and shutdown deadlines
  • Brownfield work and tie-ins on existing plants

Core Services

Our range of services for boilers, HRSGs and furnaces include:

Engineering and consultancy

  • Inspection of boilers and HRSGs
  • Life assessment of steam generators
  • Trouble shooting of steam generator operations
  • Energy efficiency studies and investigations
  • Energy recovery and heat integration studies
  • Operations and maintenance support
  • Reduction of NOx and sulfur emissions

Site services and construction

  • Maintenance and support for operations - including management, planning and execution
  • Emergency call out and repairs
  • Tube replacement during shutdown
  • Erection of full boiler, HRSG and furnace units, including mechanical, piping, structural, instrumentation, electrical and civil work
  • Tie-ins and tapping to existing plants, integration of new plant with existing

Fabrication and supply

  • Supply of tubing materials - virtually any material or specification
  • Bending of boiler tubes for burner openings, superheaters and economizers, and repair/replacement works
  • Fabrication of coils and panels
  • Repair and retubing of superheaters
  • Design and manufacture of control panels (PLCs) and MCCs

Full EPC

  • Vertical, high-efficiency HRSGs with small footprint
  • Heat reclaimers to recover energy from high temperature exhaust streams
  • Piping system design, supply and erection
  • Replacement of obsolete units
  • Full scope including mechanical, piping,structural, instrumentation, electrical and civil work

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